Use Personalized Napkins For Children’s Birthday Parties

If you want to do something unique for your child’s birthday party, along with all the usual games, clowns, presents and decorations, why not consider adding personalized napkins as well? While personalized napkins might not seem like a particularly cool thing for a child, they can be if you do it correctly.

Look for napkins that have your child’s favorite cartoon characters on them, or people from her favorite books, movies or even computer games. Or is you child loves animals, buy horse, dog or bear napkins — any type of animal your child is obsessed with. For boys, don’t forget about napkins from their favorite football, baseball or basketball team.

Once you have napkins with a design your child will like, think about the message you want to appear on them. Sure, you can just have Happy Birthday David printed on each napkin, but that’s not really so unusual, is it?

Instead, think of something your child will love. For instance, if you’ve chosen napkins with his favorite movie characters on them, choose a famous line from the movie and add his name to it. If you’ve bought napkins that portray a character from a book, Harry Potter for instance, choose something from the book that will be meaningful for your daughter, and then add her name to it.

Choosing personalized napkins for children is easy. You simply have to find something that means a lot to your child and make sure it appears on the napkin somewhere. You can even avoid words altogether, and just choose a photograph your child loves.

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