The Professional Work Of Dr. Mark Hornfeld, DO

Dr. Mark L. Hornfeld, DO, an ophthalmologist specializing cataract surgery and multifocal, intraocular lens implant, has restored successfully the gift of sight to thousands of patients for more than two decades now. While practicing his profession, he also joined numerous charitable works within and outside his homeland.

He took the first step of a fulfilling and life-changing career, and laid the foundations of his humble, yet excellent career in the State University of New York in 1984. He then achieved another milestone of his career when he received his DO with honors in a New York based medical college.

These foundations were further strengthened with the excellent facilities in Brooklyn Jewish-Interfaith Medical Center. It is where he successfully completed his internship and became a resident professional for one year. After which, he continued his practice in other medical facilities to further his understanding and knowledge.

His dedication to providing a standard work in medical oncology earned him recognition and took him to New York’s Cabrini Medical Center. Later on, he then moved to St. Vincent Hospital to gain more knowledge in ophthalmology and became the hospital’s chief ophthalmologist.

Numerous hospitals had the chance to experience his professional services. Aside from helping many patients in various eye and ear facility centers, he also joined many charity activities everywhere and visited other countries like India for the same mission.

The excellent work of Dr. Mark Hornfeld in the field of ophthalmology has earned him comradeship in many organizations all over the world. It has taken him everywhere around the world, giving a chance to other places to experience his professional services.

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