The Perceptions Of Today’s Society With Du Rag Wearers

There are many different parts of history that include the du rag, but regardless what piece of history it is the du rag has always been a piece of breathable sports fabric that is normally worn around the head in order to keep the hair down. When the du rag was first introduced, it was meant as a marker for slaves that were of fair skinned to differentiate them from whites, but as the years have changed society they have also changed the meaning of a du rag.

Du rags are often worn by African American males to hold in a certain type of twists or braids that they have recently had done with their hair. However, African Americans are not the only race to wear the du rag or to support its efforts in covering heads, but there are people from all different races that wear du rags without the fear of being pinpointed because of the du rags history.

Several people consider the du rag to be a racial object, meaning that it is only for one race. Although this is done throughout life many times, race has not More info: durag

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