The 5 Most Innovative Parking Garage Designs

Parking garage designs have changed dramatically over the years; the design and evolution of the modern day garage is as amazing as the vast diversity of design themes. In most cases, the aesthetic value of the design is often seen in most major cities as an after thought. That is to say that most parking garages have a similar design, the large concrete structures that we are all familiar with. There are, however, many other wonderful designs that have been used for parking garages that change the way that we envision the parking garage of the future. These imaginative, diverse and sometimes weird designs present a whole new world, full of possibilities, to the modern parking garage designer.

In the early days of parking garage design, there were such banal issues to deal with such as the utilitarian versus the symbolic view of the car. This was a major issue when it came to whether or not designers would go with the ramp style garage or the elevator garage. Today, most parking garages are constructed in the ramp style, but some of the most interesting parking garage designs in the world today employ the elevator style. To delineate the wide variety of different styles of garages, this article will list 10 of the most innovative parking garage designs there are in the world.

1. Car Silos at the Autostadt

Volkswagen’s Autostadt is an amusement park which features- you guessed it, cars. People watch in awe as the robotic arm goes up and down selecting cars for customers. Here, you can purchase a car that is guaranteed to have a zero reading on the odometer when it arrives. The robotic car silo is a wonder of the modern world.

2. 1111 Lincoln Road

Located in Miami, this $70 million dollar project was completed after the 2008 Olympics. It features some of the world’s best architecture, has a restaurant on the top of it with an ocean view and a 300 car garage to boot.

3. Umihotaru, the Floating Car Park

This garage is built on an artificial island and comes complete with shopping, cafes and public art. It is designed in the shape of a cruise-liner and serves as a rest stop on the aqua-line(Japan’s longest underwater tunnel).

4. The KRE House

The Japanese architect Takuya Tsuchida decided to embark on a mission to create a 2000 square foot house that included a 9 car parking garage. I guess you all are wondering what’s so great about that? Well, the exciting thing is that you can actually display and switch all 9 cars inside the living room!

5. Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Structure

Dedicated to the task of conserving our worlds’ resources, this parking garage was the country’s first LEED-certified parking garage. This 300,000 square foot behemoth was built with sustainable materials and is fully powered by solar panels. The garage incluides parking space for 900 cars, 14 electric powered vehicles and storage for your bikes to boot.

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