Nurse Expert Witness: Important Advocate For Patient Care

Registered nurse experts provide helpful and informative information and consulting to physicians, insurance companies, healthcare professionals, private investigators, attorneys and others. In addition, nurse experts also offer services to nursing home and hospital departments. They also give advice to various institutions on ways to prevent risk.

It is important to note that there is a distinct difference between an expert witness and a witness. A regular witness often testifies to facts and does not offer an opinion. However, with an expert witness such as a nurse expert, he or she has the background knowledge that comes from knowing about medical issues and concerns. Having professional knowledge about medical and other issues, gives a nurse expert the opportunity to share his or her opinion as to whether or not a malpractice has occurred. This kind of expert testimony can also show what kind of care was given and if the lack of care caused harm to a patient.

Expert nurse witnesses are often needed when another nurse’s behavior or action is in doubt. This kind of procedure occurs during a disciplinary proceeding against a nurse before a judge or when it is suspected that a nurse’s actions led to a patient’s injury.

Expert nurse witnesses can be found online or be found by asking other attorneys for contacts or referrals. They can also be found at nursing schools or nursing associations. Expert nurse witnesses can offer a profound and professional insight on patient care and help give build a more effective case.

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