Music Publishing

Music publishing is where all the money is. It doesn’t matter if an artist has a ton of talent. In the field of music the money makers are the ones that write the songs. The people that own the music publishing rights at the ones that have the power.

This is the case with many celebrities like R.Kelly, Dolly Parton, Kenny “Babyface” Edmond and Kirk Franklin. Lots of people with great voices may sing songs by these artists. Some of these artists make money, but the real money comes back to the publisher.

People have seen this over and over again. Celebrities that are out in front in the spotlight will go broke in the midst of having a song that is doing well on the charts. People that are buying the music will wonder how this can happen. The artist, from the perspective of the music lover, should be making a ton of money. The reality, however, is that the artist only gets a certain portion of the money. Most of the money for the artist is paid upfront. The residual income is what becomes the moneymaker in the long run. This is why so many people that sing will eventually start to write for themselves.

It has happened down through history with famous acts like Marvin Gaye. The early works of Marvin were heavy guarded by Smokey Robinson. It was Robinson that carried Motown and acquired all the music publishing rights to lots of famous songs. It wasn’t until Marvin got older that he began to publish music.

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