Memoirs Of A Lifetime

A memoir by definition is the reminiscence of an event. Though you could somewhat interchange memoir with autobiography, memoirs typically do not span the entirety of a life, but reflect upon a single event or moment of time.

For most people, writing a memoir is not about selling books. Many times, a specific event, sometimes glorious other times traumatic compels a human being to share that experience. A memoir can be therapy for the soul as well as have the ability to provide insight to another individual who may have found themselves in the same type of circumstance.

Do not be afraid to write a memoir. These are not expected to be extraordinary works of art. Memoirs are extraordinary works of the heart, the mind and the soul. Write exactly what you experienced, the sights, the sounds, the emotions, the outcomes and whatever it is that draws you to leave a written history of that event. Write what makes your story matter to you.

Many published memoirs are from authors who had never dreamed of bein

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