Important Pond Maintence

If you have a pond on your property it can be an enjoyable part of your landscaping. However, every few years you will need to address an important aspect of pond maintenance. This work is that of dredging a pond. No one likes to do this, but a pond needs to be maintained. Over time there will be a build up of sediment, algae and unwanted materials that accumulate without any way of leaving the pond other than physical extraction.

For a natural pond, it can be done by hand, but only if the surface area is small. Perhaps 100 square feet or less. Also the pond cannot be deep. You should be able to wade in it, meaning no more than 12 inches in depth. For most natural ponds it is going to be better to hire a contractor to come in and use a back hoe for the dredging. This is going to be faster and more efficient. Simply get an estimate on the work from someone who has experience doing this type of maintenance. The amount you pay will be dependent on the size of the pond, but it will usually be worth the cost.

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