Factors Which Lower Car Insurance Rates

When people shop for cheap car insurance, it can be helpful to know that most insurance companies give deductions to certain drivers. The cheap car insurance Houston residents can obtain could be due to having a safe driving record. This deduction is given to people who have been driving for a number of years so it will apply when drivers are looking to change their current insurance policy or agency. New drivers can also obtain deductions if they are students who are on their school’s honor roll.

Many insurance agencies will reduce the amount of a driver;s premium if the do not smoke cigarettes or own a cell phone. These are two habits which have been know to interfere with the way a person drives. Policies can also cost less if the car driven most often is equipped with the latest safety features. These features include the seat belts and airbags located on the interior of the car as well as flexible bumpers placed on the exterior of the vehicle. Any items which will help buffer the amount of damage incurred by a car involved in an accident will help reduce the cost of the premium.

Insurance agencies will also look at the make and model of the car being driven. Older cars are more prone to having problems than newer ones. The type of traveling the person does can also affect the type of premiums they pay. People who drive short distances on clear roads are less likely to get into an accident.
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