Emergency Health Care Options

Health emergencies always seem to occur at the most inconvenient and unexpected times. Since you never know when an emergency will occur, it is important to have an emergency plan in place. You can save precious time in an emergency if you already have a plan of where to seek care.

Before we discuss emergency care options, it is vital to remember that 911 should be called in the event of a life-threatening emergency. If the situation is critical, immediately call an ambulance instead of trying to transport the patient to a medical center.

If your health emergency is not life-threatening, you can choose from different medical options. Urgent care centers have grown in popularity. These centers are staffed with licensed doctors and nurses. Urgent care centers normally offer shorter wait times and lower fees than hospital emergency rooms. These facilities are a good choice for broken bones, flu-like symptoms and other routine health issues.

If you are sick during regular business hours, contact your pri More info: Emergency Health Care Covington

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