Dr. Mark Hornfeld Is Very Skilled

Dr. Mark Hornfeld is a board certified and licensed Ophthalmologist. His specialty is cataract surgery. He resides in New York City and practices there as well. Dr, Hornfeld is a very well-trained and skilled doctor who has been in private practice for more than twenty years.

Dr. Hornfeld is also very well educated. His expertise in the field has lead to him receiving numerous awards. When he is doing procedures, Dr. Mark Hornfeld uses a bladeless laser. The use of a laser without a blade is extremely safe and very effective. In addition, using this type of laser is safer than using a normal laser during surgery. Dr. Hornfeld and other ophthalmologists can use this method to correct people’s vision in safer and more skilled manner.

Dr. Hornfeld is also a humanitarian. He has been involved with several humanitarian organizations for years. In addition, he has traveled the globe offering his talents and skills to various impoverished regions such as India. Dr. Hornfeld is also part of the Global Investment Group, which offers assistance to The Hunger Project. This group fights world hunger and is a non profit organization.

Dr. Mark Hornfeld also teaches his skills to other Ophthalmologists at various universities in New York. With Dr. Hornfeld’s expertise, doctors learn skills that will help them enhance the vision of their patients. The skills that these doctors learn will also help them reduce the number of risks associated with cataract eye surgery such as scarring and bleeding. In addition, Dr. Hornfeld’s method is a safer and more effective than routine laser eye surgery.

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