Custom Swimming Pool Designs

There are many options available for in-ground swimming pools. In addition to the ability to choose pre-made shapes and sizes for a pool, homeowners can also have one custom created. The swimming pool designs Austin residents can choose as custom shapes could be made in virtually any shape imaginable. Some people have decorative pools created in heart shapes with side areas created as separate spas. One of the more popular styles being constructed today is the infinity design.

The design used to create infinity pools leaves one side edge open so the water inside the pool can flow over it in a cascading waterfall manner. This design is accomplished by placing a lower receiving pool below the open edge, which acts as a reservoir for collecting and recycling the water as it falls. A waterfall can also be added to a custom pool by creating a side with natural rock formations. Instead of being placed below the rest of the border, this formation will be made so it rises above the pool. The inside of the stone

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