The 5 Most Innovative Parking Garage Designs

Parking garage designs have changed dramatically over the years; the design and evolution of the modern day garage is as amazing as the vast diversity of design themes. In most cases, the aesthetic value of the design is often seen in most major cities as an after thought. That is to say that most parking garages have a similar design, the large concrete structures that we are all familiar with. There are, however, many other wonderful designs that have been used for parking garages that change the way that we envision the parking garage of the future. These imaginative, diverse and sometimes weird designs present a whole new world, full of possibilities, to the modern parking garage designer.

In the early days of parking garage design, there were such banal issues to deal with such as the utilitarian versus the symbolic view of the car. This was a major issue when it came to whether or not designers would go with the ramp style garage or the elevator garage. Today, most parking garages are constructed in the ramp style, but some of the most interesting parking garage designs in the world today employ the elevator style. To delineate the wide variety of different styles of garages, this article will list 10 of the most innovative parking garage designs there are in the world.

1. Car Silos at the Autostadt

Volkswagen’s Autostadt is an amusement park which features- you guessed it, cars. People watch in awe as the robotic arm goes up and down selecting cars for customers. Here, you can purchase a car that is guaranteed to have a zero reading on the odometer when it arrives. The robotic car silo is a wonder of the modern world.

2. 1111 Lincoln Road

Located in Miami, this $70 million dollar project was completed after the 2008 Olympics. It features some of the world’s best architecture, has a restaurant on the top of it with an ocean view and a 300 car garage to boot.

3. Umihotaru, the Floating Car Park

This garage is built on an artificial island and comes complete with shopping, cafes and public art. It is designed in the shape of a cruise-liner and serves as a rest stop on the aqua-line(Japan’s longest underwater tunnel).

4. The KRE House

The Japanese architect Takuya Tsuchida decided to embark on a mission to create a 2000 square foot house that included a 9 car parking garage. I guess you all are wondering what’s so great about that? Well, the exciting thing is that you can actually display and switch all 9 cars inside the living room!

5. Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Structure

Dedicated to the task of conserving our worlds’ resources, this parking garage was the country’s first LEED-certified parking garage. This 300,000 square foot behemoth was built with sustainable materials and is fully powered by solar panels. The garage incluides parking space for 900 cars, 14 electric powered vehicles and storage for your bikes to boot.

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Choices For BMW Parts Las Vegas

The options that might be found for repairing your car today are rather numerous. There are a number of choices that are found for BMW parts Las Vegas today. There are choices for used or new that can work perfectly well depending on the need that you have. Making the decision might be a matter of budget concerns, availability of the parts or condition of the parts that you might be considering.

Determining the best option for your vehicle might be a matter of which choice will be the most useful as well as the cost of those parts. This type of vehicle tends to be rather expensive to repair. As a result many try to use the parts that have been previously used by others to do the repairs. This helps to cut down on the expense of the repairs. At the same time it will be important to make sure that the items are in proper working order.

When you need to get work done for whatever reason it is important that you take all of the options into consideration. There might be a need to install a brand new piece because of the way it functions. Many times if you install a part that is used into the electronics system there can be a number of problems created with the programming as well as possibly creating new problems for you.

The last thing you want to do is to save money on one repair only to have to spend more on another repair that you didn’t need originally. More info: bmw parts Las Vegas

Tractor Buying Info

Buying a tractor does not have to be a difficult process. In fact, it can be a lot easier than you think. All it takes is a lot of effort on your part as well as a lot of time. Here is what you should do when it comes time to buy your next tractor:

First, you will want to make a list of all the different tractor manufacturers in your area. It will be up to you to decide how far away you are willing to drive to visit a tractor manufacturer. Some people will be okay with driving only twenty five while others will be fine with driving up to 100 miles to visit a tractor manufacturer. Know your limits and make your list.

With a list of the different manufacturers, you can now begin visiting each tractor manufacturer. You should try to look at as many tractor models as possible at each tractor manufacturer. I do not suggest for you to look at only model and then leave. You will not get a good idea regarding what the tractor manufacturer has to offer you. This could end up costing you if you later find out the tractor manufacturer you largely ignored had the perfect tractor for you.

After you have visited all of the tractor manufacturers in the radius you picked, the time will come for you to decide what tractor to buy. If you did not like any of the tractors, do not feel pressured to buy any of them. Before you invest thousands in a tractor, you will want to make sure you find the perfect one. More info: tractor washington

Rust, Fuel Tanks, And A Used Mercedes For Sale Encino

Anyone wishing to purchase a used Mercedes might be on the right track if you find the right car. By the right car, it is meant the vehicle is already in reasonably good condition and operates fine. Often, a buyer will take the steps to see if the common repairs and maintenance required for a car have been performed by the owner. However, there may be also atypical issues that must be looked into. Among those things to look into would be whether or not the fuel tank has suffered from rust.

This may seem like an odd thing to take into consideration but it really is not. A used Mercedes for sale Encino just might have been sitting on a lot or a private garage for quite some time. During this time period, the gasoline in the tank will begin to evaporate. From this, water condensation will appear inside the fuel tank. If the tank is made of metal then the water present in the tank could lead to rusting. You definitely do not want rust in your fuel tank because the rust will eventually find its way to the fuel lines and the engine. This can lead to a host of mechanical problems and issues you would definitely prefer to avoid. The reason for this should not be too difficult to figure out. The cost of the repair work could end up being rather high. To avoid dealing with such problems, it is best to make sure the tank of the Mercedes you are purchasing does not have any rust in it. More info: used mercedes for sale Encino

Choose Great Body Shops!

Going to body shops is a great thing for a person who has a vehicle that they wish to fix up, but also great for people who are not sure what specific upgrades they want for their vehicle. When you try to upgrade a vehicle yourself and do not have the experience to do so, you might end up ruining the vehicle, or making it look funny. This is why body shops are the reasons many people have nice things for their vehicles that they did not have before. A person can easily take a truck in to a body shop and have special rims put on it, or even a lift kit to be able to have the truck standing up higher on the ground. This is also how people tend to get ‘low rider’ vehicles. They visit a body shop and have the height of the car manipulated so that it sits lower on the ground.

Before you go to a body shop you should strongly consider whether or not you think your vehicle is going to still be nice afterwards. Getting your vehicle lowered at a body shop might sound like a nice idea, but, when you start going into weather where there is snow and ice, or even large rocks in the road, you may regret your decision. This is because you will damage the underbody of your vehicle. Getting a lift kit can also cause your vehicle to easily be pushed about by the wind that is blowing while you are driving down the street.
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Flying Made Easy With Airport Transportation

The last thing anyone wants to worry about is transportation when flying into a destination. Salt Lake City airport transportation takes away any hassles by conveniently being available for anyone’s travel plans. As people come from near and far, tired after their travels, eager to get to their next stop, Salt Lake City airport transportation is at the ready to ensure passengers get on their way. There’s no reason to worry about getting into the city upon arrival at the airport. Salt Lake City airport transportation can accommodate passengers and shuttle them into the city for the next leg of their journey.

Salt Lake City airport transportation might mean no longer needing to get a rental car or a taxi and is an economical way to continue one’s travels. When coming into Salt Lake City, rest assured that Salt Lake City airport transportation will take care of everything. Stow luggage, keep large traveling groups together, and get a lift to the hotel or other key spots. Salt Lake City airport transportation knows that flying can be stressful, especially with increased national security. After enduring early check-in times, thorough luggage checks, and increased anxiety for many during flights because of world uncertainty, taking away the worries of transportation is a wonderful service offered by Salt Lake City airport transportation. The next time a person is on the way to Salt Lake City, let Salt Lake City airport transportation take care of the details for getting to point B without any trouble. More info: salt lake city airport transportation

How To Buy A Used Subaru Indianapolis

If you have always wanted a Subaru Indianapolis, but money does not stretch to a new one, there’s nothing wrong with buying a used car. In fact, so many used cars are far cheaper than a new car yet, if taken care of, they’ll last for years and that goes for a Subaru Indianapolis too.

Buying a used Subaru Indianapolis is easy. With so many dealers selling them, you don’t even have to go to a Subaru dealer to test drive one, as you’ll find them all over town. That means, you can spend some time looking at Subarus on many different dealership lots and not just be stuck with a Subaru dealer, so you may even spend less money.

Before you buy any used Subaru, however, do be sure to check three things with any dealership you’re considering buying from. You want to know if the car you’re interested in has ever been in a major car accident, how many people have owned it, and if all its regular maintenance was actually done.

The number of owners a car has had is relatively self-explanatory. The more people that owned a particular car, the more likelihood it will have high mileage or have been driven in a manner that could cause lasting damage.

If the car was ever in a major accident, even if everything on it was fixed, there could be negative consequences with the car for years to come. A car’s alignment can get messed up, doors may not close properly and leaks can occur where a car was knocked out of alignment.

Finally, a car should always have all its scheduled maintenance done. If this hasn’t been kept up, it may not have caused problems for the original owner, but it could cause problems for you.

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Auto Body Shop

One of the worst things about owning a vehicle is the fact that you often have to have it repaired. No matter how well you take care of your car, eventually it will need some type of repair because it broke down. Usually this will occur later in the car’s life, but when owning a car, it is almost an inevitability that you will end up taking your car to a repair shop.

So if you live in a town but you do not know where the repair shop is, how would you go about finding the auto body shop? The old-fashioned method would be to go and just drive around town until you come across the auto body shop. However, depending on the size of your town or city, this could take you a very long time to successfully complete. If you looking for a better way to find the auto body shop in your town, then here is what you should do:

The fastest way to locate an auto body shop is to go to Google or some other search engine you like to use and type in ” auto body shop.” Now this may not always solve your problems because the search results are too general. If you are looking for a way to make the search results more tailored to your location, then all you need to do is to type in your specific location in addition to the previous query. So if you were someone who lived in San Jose and you wanted to find an auto body shop, your search query would be ” auto body shop San Jose.” More info: Auto Body Shop San Jose

Springfield Volkswagen Dealership

When I was researching a bunch of cars because I wanted a new one, I found out something very interesting about the Volkswagen car company. Did you know that Volkswagen actually started out because of the Nazis. I was pretty surprised when I saw this, but it is absolutely true. I will not hold this against Volkswagen, because from my research, they seem to make pretty solid cars. I even went to a Volkswagen dealer and test drove a few Volkswagen Beetles and can say they are just as solid as I initially thought they would be. There is nothing wrong with Volkswagen, so please do not let the past of this car company stop you from going to a Volkswagen dealership.

If you live in Springfield, then once again, please do not let the history of Volkswagen stop you from visiting a Springfield Volkswagen dealership. The tarnished past of Volkswagen should never be a deterrent to seeing what Volkswagen offers now and what they may offer in the future. They no longer have ties to their origin, so you need to see what More info: Springfield Volkswagen Dealership

Auto Glass Repair Info

If you are in Jacksonville right now and having problems with your auto glass, then you need to get this problem resolved as quickly as possible. The longer you wait for the problem to get fixed, the higher the chance that you will only worsen your auto glass problems.

First, take stock of how damaged the auto glass is. If there is only a crack right now in the auto glass, then the longer you drive around with the crack unfixed, the higher the chance the windshield or glass will continue to crack even more. What could have been fixed for a few bucks may end up costing you an absolute arm and a leg. The smaller the problem, the cheaper the fix will be. Make sure to take care of the small problems before the evolve into something worse.

What if you already have a serious problem with your auto glass. Let’s say one of your kids was playing soccer out side and kicked the ball through the back window. Would you just drive around with the smashed out window? Hopefully not. Would you just try and cover the w More info: auto glass repair jacksonville fl